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Map & Directions

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Category Locations List

    University: 12 min  

   Grocery Store: 1 min 

    Park: 2 min 

    Doctors office: 5 min 

    Tim Hortons: 1 min 

    Pharmacy: 5 min 

    Bank: 1 min 

    Restaurant: 5 min

    Pub: 1 min  

    Elementary School: 4 min

    Salon: 5 min 

    Liquor Store: 1 min

   Downtown: 13 min

   Dentist: 5 min 

   Airport: 20 min 

   Hospital: 15 min 

   Cannabis Shop: 1 min 

   Chiropractic Clinic: 5 min 

For Showings

Please use the Zimmerman Road access on the East end of the building. Follow show suite signs down to the parking lot. There will be a large sign beside the show suite. You may enter through the balcony.

NOTE: The Parkway is still under construction and opening in Phases. It is important the public avoid the construction zone on the unfinished side of the building.